Introduction to FMS:

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on flaring gases in the Oil & gas and other industries. The impact of gas flaring is of local and global concern. Gas flaring is one of the most challenging energy and environmental problems the world is facing today both regionally and globally. It is a multi-billion dollar waste, a local environmental catastrophe and a global energy and environmental problem which has persisted for decades. For example, flaring/venting during oil production operations emits CO2, methane and other forms of gases which contribute to global warming causing climate change, and this affects the environmental quality and health of the vicinity of the flares.

Hence it makes sense to avoid the unnecessary release of carbon dioxide or methane into the atmosphere, where practicable. This points to a need to reduce emission in a reasonably practicable way. It is the intent of Flare Monitoring System to provide custom and predesigned analytical tool, which measures and reports accurately the gas emissions and identifies sources in real time via a corporate wise web based system. By corporate wise web based system, companies will have wider and clear vision of their Flaring Stacks and Devices in facilities, which will be very important for taking preventing and corrective actions based on system generated reports and KPIs.

Flare Monitoring System was designed and developed by Saudi Aramco to capitalize on reduction of flaring at  industries, making flaring even more efficient and cost effective by using field proven innovative and realistic systems and reduce the gas emissions.

In addition to implementation and design of analysis and reporting system with configurable KPIs, Flare Monitoring System will create a platform to assist plant management in making good decisions to identify and analysis root cause area for efficient flaring, reducing gas emission as well meeting standard rule, regulation and goals.

Millions of dollars can be saved each year with more efficient flaring and gas emission reduction with Flare Monitoring System. Moreover, it provides a consistent centralized data collection, reporting, analyzing and validating tool through corporate wise web system.

Features of FMS:

Gulf Industrial Technology Co. (GITLCO) is a 100% Saudi owned limited liability company operating Kingdom wide engaged in the business of System integration meeting various IT requirements for clients in both public and private sectors.   GITLCO is a registered supplier for systems software to Saudi Aramco has successfully executed many projects for Saudi Aramco over the years.  We are pleased to announce that GITLCO has won exclusive global marketing rights to market FMS, which is Saudi Aramco’s patented solution.

FMS is a real time flare systems monitoring and extensive data processing capabilities for data analytics and reporting abilities with interface to corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. 

The basic features can be listed as:

  • Plant sensors data collection by sensors installed in Plants
  • Plant Real time data Storage
  • Data Processing and storage for display / trending / reporting
  • Reports, Visualization
  • Application security