GITLCO is official representative of LEUTERT in Saudi Arabia. Since 1941, LEUTERT has been manufacturing instruments for the oil and gas and maritime and dedicating to designing and manufacturing cylinder pressureindicators, surface &bottomhole fluid samplers, sample cylinders, pressure and temperature gauges, dynamometers, fluid level instruments and cement testing equipment. In 2012 LEUTERT acquired the business operation of TDS, the well-known and reputable manufacturer of special purpose vehicles. We supply the specialized material, equipment and services to oil & gas wells & processing plants, including:

Fluid sampling:
A.Bottom Hole Sampling
B.surface Sampling
C.DST Sampling
D.Sample Cylinders
E.Nitrogen Booster Station NBS
F.Heating Jacket & Trolleys
G.PVT Sampling Containers

1. Production and Exploration Well Audits.
2. Bottom-hole sampling
3. Surface Sampling upstream and downstream of chokes
4. Transfer samples from: Formation Evaluation Tools to transport bottles Bottom-hole samplers to transport bottles Surface samples to transport sample bottles Extract 50cc from bottom-hole samples includes MDT/FET for on-site analyses.
5. On site BS&W, GOR, Densities, composition measurements on surface samples.
6. On site BS&W, GOR, densities, compositions measurements on 50cc bottom-hole samples.
7. Set up mobile PVT laboratory: Validating Samples, Bubble point, GOR-total, Gas chromatography, BS&W, SG-Oil, SG-Gas, SG-Water, Mercury in flashed gas, H2S in flashed gas and on request various analytical instruments can be added.
8. Set up sampling department.
9. Lecturing Advanced Sampling.